Twilight Party

The Twilight Party was a fantastic evening highlighting the incredible things that happen in our backyard. We can’t wait for next year, see you in 2020!

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This year’s Riverside Avondale Annual Spring Home Tour Preview Party sports a new name and evolves into a new celebration of lights and the interesting people who live in our community.

In the past the Preview Party, held the Thursday night before the Home Tour, was held at a home on the tour. This year, the Preview Party will be in a home NOT on the tour. No longer a preview, instead it has turned into a Twilight Party based on one of the most popular homes on last year’s tour. The inspiration was Home Tour committee member Phil Stantial’s residence. For the first time a home was displayed at night to showcase Phil’s illuminated yard.

Additionally, there will be music by Darren Ronan and the scrumptious food provided by Biscottis.

Dr. James P. Delgado and Ann Goodhart recently purchased a Prairie Style home constructed in 1929 on an Avondale street. Dr. Delgado will be our featured speaker during the Twilight Party’s cocktail reception.

Dr. Delgado’s career spans nearly five decades of investigating the past and sharing discovery and history with a global audience.  Archaeologist, historian, journalist, educator, museum director, television host and government official, he often jokes that his career demonstrates his fundamental inability to keep a job. Delgado’s work fits well with the historic preservation focus of the weekend. His professional journey has kept a focus on the past, especially our seafaring history. Passionately dedicated to exploration, for the past decade he has increasingly focused on deep ocean exploration, new technologies for reaching not only the deep but a worldwide audience through the use of robotic vehicles, satellites and the Internet to bring the public along with him as he explores the world miles below the surface of the ocean.

Delgado’s television experience spans more than 150 documentaries for ABC, National Geographic, Discovery, History, and many other networks.  He was the host for all six seasons of National Geographic International’s “The Sea Hunters,” which focused on the discovery, examination and stories behind some of history’s most amazing shipwrecks around the world. He currently is the senior series advisor for National Geographic’s international series “Drain the Oceans,” and a frequent guest on the show.

Delgado currently serves as the Senior Vice President of SEARCH, Inc., the nation’s largest company devoted to archaeology, historic preservation and museum services, working throughout the United States and globally.  He remains active in field work, most recently leading search efforts to locate the wreck of Clotilda, the last ship to bring slaves to the United States on the eve of the Civil War.

Join us during what promises to be a most interesting social event on Thursday, April 25 beginning at 6:30 pm. Admission is $50 per person. Tickets are limited to enhance the experience of the evening. Tickets can be purchased at Riverside Avondale Preservation (2623 Herschel Street.) or by clicking here.  A silent auction will cap off the evening’s events.

Thank you Watson Realty for sponsoring our 2019 Twilight Party.

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