Since its founding in 1974, RAP has been an advocate for active preservation of our neighborhood’s historic assets. Historic preservation is much more than saving old buildings. Modern preservation efforts are about saving the heart of communities, ensuring vibrant, special places full of character. This means looking beyond architecture to what makes historic towns and neighborhoods thrive – actively used historic buildings, healthy businesses, and community gathering spaces being paramount.

The challenge of balancing preservation with progress is an enduring one. When historic buildings are allowed to deteriorate or are torn down, or when our historic street grid is eliminated, a part of our past disappears forever. When that happens, we lose history that helps us know who we are, and we lose opportunities to live and work in the kinds of interesting and attractive surroundings that older buildings provide.

As a response to this need, the organization’s board and staff work with residents, businesses, the city planning and zoning departments, and other preservation groups in Jacksonville and Florida to ensure that our history, cultural heritage, and economic viability remain intact. We are proud to be an official partner of the National Trust for Historic Preservation through the Preservation Partners Network.


RAP remains dedicated to the principal that the preservation of Riverside Avondale’s unique architecture and varied streetscape is critical to the health of our larger community. We will work to clarify the shared values between our residents and our organization, and to ensure our organization is adaptable, innovative and collaborates openly with the community. As with any group committed to historic preservation, we will continue our work in preserving the structures and stories of our community’s past. We also pledge, on behalf of the district’s future, to increase our positive impact on the present.


2016 marked an important milestone in historic preservation as the 50th anniversary year of the Historic Preservation Act of 1966. This Act implemented programs that serve as the framework for our historic preservation efforts in the United States, such as the National Register of Historic Places, Certified Local Governments, and Section 106 Reviews. Many local historic districts like Riverside Avondale were created across the country since the passage of this significant act.


Riverside Avondale Preservation, Inc. (RAP) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization whose mission is to enhance and preserve the architecture, history, culture and economic vibrancy of the Riverside Avondale historic neighborhood. RAP facilitates neighborhood improvements and preservation through community participation, education, advocacy and events that highlight Riverside Avondale’s unique quality of life.

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