3919 St. Johns Avenue

3919 St. Johns Avenue

This new Craftsman-style home was built by residential builder Ryan Davis of Piper Homes on a piece of property that was formerly an estate lot associated with the adjacent blonde brick home. That home, which dates to 1912, was built for Phillip Stockton May, a descendant of the Stockton family that came to Jacksonville in the 1890s and helped to develop Avondale.

The current owner wanted to develop the expansive lot, but also wanted to ensure the project would enrich the neighborhood and preserve the integrity of the long-held family property. In addition to this home, Davis built the adjacent Tudor-style structure, which serves as this year’s Design Home. There are plans to build two additional houses in the Colonial and Spanish-Eclectic style; the intent is to mirror the diverse architectural styles found in the surrounding blocks.

Although Davis and his wife Leighton actually live in San Marco, Ryan enjoys working in Riverside and Avondale. “I embrace the challenge of building and remodeling homes in historic areas. There is a very delicate balance that has to be struck between utilizing the advancements in construction norms and methods of today, while still respecting any paying homage to the spirit and character of the neighborhood that surrounds my projects.”

Phil May grew up in the home. His father was Philip Stockton May, Sr, a descendant of the Stockton family who came to Jacksonville in the 1890s. Telfair Stockton developed Avondale in 1920.