3684 Oak Street

Built c.1922, this bungalow is one of the more common types of bungalows built in Florida. The home features a front facing gable roof with a secondary roof projecting from the facade. The home was built for E. Flynn.

Brothers previously lived in the house until they were in their 90s. It was the house that they grew up and lived in throughout their childhood. When they moved, the property gained new owners through Centerbeam Construction, who took on major restoration efforts. When the restoration began, it was clear that the home had not been updated since the 1920’s, including an original kitchen, original electric system, flooring and lighting.

All knob and tube electric was replaced with new wiring and electric service. All plumbing in the house is new, as well as the lighting, fixtures, and kitchen. The house is comfortable for the modern family by being energy conscious with a Nest thermostat, insulation in all of the walls, dusk to dawn lighting and gas for an instant water heater and stove.  Key historic features retained during the renovation include the original flooring throughout the home and tongue and groove ceiling in the laundry room and on the front porch. The cast iron tub was resurfaced and the original medicine cabinet with the original paint was salvaged. Many of the original doors were saved and used as pocket doors or creatively used as larger closet doors.

The current homeowners are new to the area and to the newly restored home. In looking for a place to live, they wanted a place that was full of community, close to friends and mentors, and a place where they felt they could make a difference.

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