2540 Oak Street

The Delgado Building, 2540 Oak Street

This imposing Prairie Style structure building was designed and built in 1919 by Earl Mark and Leeroy Sheftall, proteges of H.J. Klutho.  Known as the Delgado Building, it was named after Sheftall’s mother-in-law, Delores Delgado, who owned the building for several decades after its initial construction. It is an early example of mixed-use development, designed to house two retail spaces on the ground floor, and five apartments on the second floor. According to Jacksonville’s Architectural Heritage, “a pretentious scrolled pattern above the cantilevered corner entrance emphasizes its lack of visible support” and is a testament to the inventiveness of the architects.

Long-time Northeast Florida automobile dealer Mike Shad purchased the Delgado Building from its previous owner, Frank R. Fedele, who operated Judson’s Restaurant there for 23 years. Shad has previously renovated the Five Points office building that houses Sun-Ray Cinema, as well as the Park Manor, a 10-unit apartment building at the corner of Park and Stockton streets. “Some people think I’m crazy, but I like old buildings,” Shad said.