1843 Challen Avenue

1843 Challen-3February 18, 2019

This brick two-story house was built in 1927 by W.T. Hadlow with plans drawn by O.E. Schoepell. Now it’s home to Maria Tracy, a sales director for a Japanese-based biotech company who moved here for work in 2002.

Searching for a neighborhood with a sense of community, she found her way to Avondale. “We saw many homes,” she says, “but this one brought me to tears.” The design wasn’t perfect, though. “It used to drive me crazy that the house was U-Shaped and dead ended on either side.” So she created a back hallway allowing a passage from the renovated kitchen to a cozy dining room, added an extra bathroom upstairs, and a pool and hot tub while renovating the garage apartment. Maria shares the home with two terrific teenagers and also two French bulldogs, Tide and Ali.

She’s thrilled with the improvements to the house: “Although some of the renovations in an old home are daunting, you never know what you will find, every single upgrade has brought our family so much happiness. It all worked out perfectly.”