1717 Edgewood Avenue

1717 Edgewood -1February 22, 2019

Owners Jack and Liz Bobeck moved to Jacksonville from Atlanta in 2000, but it took them six months before they found their dream home, a two-story stucco house.

The house was built in 1924 for Mrs. F. P. Hoover, a local artist and classical pianist. (Interestingly, the home is reputed to have a ghost that plays the piano, but “we’re still looking for her,” notes Liz.) This style began to appear in Jacksonville in the 1920s. They were usually stucco with a parapet and, at times, stucco bands as the only decorative treatment. The couple has undertaken extensive renovations over the years including the kitchen and added a family room and an outside kitchen.

During renovations they discovered that the workmen that built the house had signed the foundation, located under the house, as a reminder of their impressive craftsmanship.

Jack and Liz happily share their home with Sally and Stella, two standard poodle sisters, and Eunice, the cat.