1333 Hollywood Avenue

1333 Hollywood Avenue (the first ever “Twilight House”)

Phil Stantial moved to Avondale in 1983 because it is an old, established neighborhood much like where he grew up in the Boston suburbs.

In 1983, when he moved into this Prairie-style bungalow built in 1925, he was the youngest person on the street. Now, he concedes, he’s one of the oldest. But the qualities that drew him here—the beautiful architecture, the old established neighborhoods that remind him of his hometown, Boston—endure.

The house has been renovated several times; previous owners took out a third bedroom to enlarge the master bedroom and kitchen, and also built a guest house and a garage. When he wasn’t traveling the world with the Peace Corp during a long career in international education, Philip made his own changes to the house, adding four feet to the back, which allowed for the addition of a bathroom off the master bedroom as well and an enlarged kitchen. In 2015, the guesthouse was remodeled to include a shower. The owner admits to a fascination with lighting, and has added a number of lighting features that have resulted in this house being the first RAP Tour “Twilight House.”

The home will be open in the evening each night of the tour from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m., and tour goers will be able the tour the home’s interior and extensively lit gardens.